Chapter 13 | Page 2

Good job, everyone!

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  1. Whoa Coal! Way to let on you are not a normal boy.. um young warrior. You are freaking out the old man.
    Loki, you just cannot tell the whole truth can you.

    • I think it’s pretty much impossible for him to do that.

      • The only way to get Loki to tell the truth is hold an electrified hammer over his head.

        • I’m pretty sure they tried large divine spears as well. Didn’t work, Loki somehow always found a way.

    • Of course he can’t! And Coal freaks out everyone.

  2. Omg the way I imagined Loki saying ”… magical things” made me think of something dirty and now I look like insane person giggling…

  3. Is that Loki’s magical Shake Weight???

    • Oh my god.

    • That made me laugh. Well done sir or madam.

    Loki’s sweating though..

  5. Do YOU believe in magic? WhoaOOOOOooooh

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