Chapter 13 | Page 6

A bad, sad monster.

Thanks for reading! See you next week!

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  1. Oh no, a sad monster in a cave who can’t move. And Loki was there. I wonder if and how this will tie in to the plot, though I expect it will be rather sad. T^T
    Well done hinting about further plots, I look forward to reading the next page. (Also, Arne is a dear, and I adore him.)

    • Aw thank you! I’m glad people are liking Arne so much. :3

  2. My Fenrir senses are tingling…

    I still think Coal is the boy Loki rescued when Odin and Honir failed… but now I’m wondering if there’s a certain monstrous pup somewhere in the upper areas of North America as well.



  4. “What kind of monster,” asks Coal, looking monstrous. Yikes.

    Great chiaroscuro. Really intense.

    • Thank you! Playing with shadows is fun. :D

  5. Norse mythology is kind of full of sad monsters trapped in caves…

    And if this story ends in the traditional way, we’re going to get another one.

    • It could end so many ways, in so many caves.

  6. I have a hunch. Said hunch starts with “F” and ends with “r”.

  7. I just checked the comic today and thought, “Aw, I’m only one post behind.” And then I realized that tomorrow is Thursday so I’ll get a whole new update in just one day!

    This moment of joy brought to me by TMK.

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