Chapter 13 | Page 21


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  1. *checks Fenris’ bindings* Nope, still tight. Can I admit it’s odd to see Coal laughing? Cute, but strange.

  2. This may be the most adorable comic in the entire comic.

  3. And as the dead viking roared his might laugh, Hel has frozen over.

    • Nah, that’s just a pond in Iceland.

  4. It makes me just so happy to see Coal laugh like that, and more than that, seeing him trying not to at the start and failing :P

  5. It’s actually heartwarming to see Coal laughing. So much even, that I just had to comment.
    Coal looks good while laughing. Strangely enough, he looks like a proper, strong, adult viking in that last panel. Might be because of his shoulders too. Being emphasised by the background.
    Anyhow, he looks good while laughing. That’s all I wanted to say :) .

  6. Hmmm I wonder what laughter does to a einherjie???

  7. And then Coal’s face broke.

    I was a little surprised that Arne isn’t able to skate, but he does look shaky in the last panel where we saw him on the ice.

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