Chapter 13 | Page 26

He looks like a very nice young man.

Thanks for reading! See you next week with something a little different.


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  1. Threatening somebody Coal appears to actually like. In Coal’s presence.

    This is probably going to leave some even harder-to-remove stains…

    • Cleanup on aisle 4… and 5… and the ceiling!

      • Exit villain, stage left… and stage right.

      • and everywhere else that things could possibly land, as well as some places where it can’t.

    • Coal’s at the other end of the lake though…


      *bites fingernails*

  2. I hope Coal doesn’t scare the kid too bad when he goes berserk.

  3. Well, that’s not going to go well for the sheep thief. Arne is no real threat, but there is an einharjar tasked with being his bodyguard mere yards away.

    Not to mention Loki is there, and Loki can be deviously protective when he choose to.

  4. Under the circumstances, I think pulling a seax on Arne qualifies as suicide by Ankh-Morpork law.

    • Your comment wins the Internet.

  5. Ooo, look! An idiot who looks rather stabbable!

  6. He’s not a sheepherder… but he might be a sheep HURTER?!?!?!? (I’ll let myself out that was awful)

    Coal time to go ber-freakin’-serk on this mysterious man.

  7. It would be bad if we found out this was a relation of Hedda’s, just after Coal gutted him like a Thanksgiving turkey.

    • eh, he’s drawing a sword on Arne. Prob not a relation any of them wants.

      • Psst-that’s a dagger.

    • Unlikely, considering that Icelanders didn’t have much to do with Ireland at this point.

      • Well, they did take slaves from there, haha. BUT no, this guy doesn’t have anything to do with Hedda either way.

  8. Arne you made a great decision to check on the sheep. Now yell for your bodyguard boy.

  9. I am crying actual tears of joy. This comic has been so precious to me ever since I was in grade school, but then there wasn’t an update for a while so I was terrified that there wouldn’t be one anymore :( that you’d decided to quit this. And now I’m a Sophomore in college and I stumble upon this again. I am so happy I can’t even control myself argh!!! <3 sml

    • Aw! Thanks for reading for so long! I did take a hiatus a couple of years ago, and might need to again, but I have no intention of dropping the comic altogether. If you want to keep up with news, you can follow me on Tumblr or Twitter (links to the right) where I usually talk about any TMK-related schedule changes.

  10. Probably arguing bits and pieces here, correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t hag a recent slur by the Anglo Saxons, where as in this time period it meant wise old woman?

    • Well my original choice was “bitch” but since I came face-to-face with young readers at conventions I’ve been pulling back on certain words. “Hag” can have various connotations depending where it’s from (Old English could be pejorative, Norse less so), but since I’m writing this comic for a 21st century audience instead of a 10th century one, I’m not too worried, haha. I wrote this weeks ago now, but I think I remember I wanted to stay away from anything suggestive/sexual too (trollop, whore, etc.) because it’s sexist and I don’t think the Vikings cared who a widow spent her time with. The guy calling her a hag, which in 21st century terms equates to old and ugly (which Aud is clearly not), is more to highlight that he’s a bitter jerk. Thanks for reading!

      • All good reasons, yeah, what word would have conveyed the meaning, that a 21st century, much less old fart 20th century person like myself would know? Hag as used is still sexist, but not vulgar like the other possibilities.

        Still, I read so much Auld Scots and Irish/Firbolg literature, your period is about where my reading stopped too. Loki is of the last of the Picts in his area.Frey and Freya being the conquered leaders the Norse couldn’t get rid of. All else become the Borg (how s that for 20th Centuty! hahaha!) and were assimilated.

      • Also, thanks for persisting, I was still here through, the long wait.
        I forgot who mentioned your new comic, I arrived about page 8.

        This is a wonderful offering you’ve got here.
        And I approve that message! (hahaha!)


  11. Anti Social personality about to meet, anti social personality, in a situation were 2 cannot occupy the same space.

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